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As sanctions continue to escalate, the development of semiconductor companies cannot be slack

Date:2023-07-30Tags:Bluetooth Speaker manufacturers,5G MIFI manufacturers,4G CPE manufacturers
Following December last year, the U.S. Department of Commerce sanctioned Chinese companies again. Sanctions were imposed three times in March alone, including 33 Chinese companies and one individual including Inspur Group, LoongArch, and 4Paradigm, and 14 Chinese companies were included in the "unverified list". ". In April, it announced sanctions against Chinese companies and citizens involved in the chemical precursor of fentanyl. The US sanctions have undermined the international economic and trade order and trade rules, threatened the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain, and aroused widespread international attention and heated discussions.

The semiconductor industry is an important strategic core force of the country, and China's dependence on foreign semiconductor materials is as high as 60%. The turbulent and changeable international situation has increased the risk of "stuck neck". Today, in the face of the U.S. government's economic sanctions, technology cutoffs, and financial blockades, the supply chain of the semiconductor industry chain is becoming more and more vulnerable. China's semiconductor companies have a firm grasp of key core technologies, and achieving high-level self-reliance and self-improvement is the key to breaking the situation.

With the full support of national policies and the unremitting efforts of semiconductor companies, China's semiconductor industry continues to usher in new breakthroughs. A few days ago, the quantum lithography machine "non-destructive probe instrument" realized independent controllability; China's first 6-inch gallium oxide single crystal was successfully prepared, reaching the highest international level; Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications prepared high-quality oxide on an 8-inch silicon wafer Gallium epitaxial wafers mark China's key breakthrough in the field of ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors... Strengthening the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain through independent control of key technologies is conducive to creating a better semiconductor industry ecology and stronger competitiveness.

LR-LINK, as a national-level high-tech enterprise that has deployed network cards in China in the early stage, continues to promote the key core technology of network cards, and develops and produces 10 Gigabit four-port Ethernet network adapters (product model: LRES1030PF-4SFP+), Gigabit six power The performance of network cards such as Ethernet network adapter (product model: LRES2047PT) has reached the advanced level in the industry, which is of great significance to breaking foreign monopoly and ensuring national information security. As of 2023, LR-LINK has successively launched more than 30 network card products based on Chinese chips into the market, and has been well recognized by the market for its good system compatibility and stable data transmission performance.